Why you need to buy bicycle fenders? It's simple!

Mountain Bike

When the weather becomes wet and muddy, many cyclists are beginning to realize the need for fenders to protect themselves from the water and dirt that are being injected directly from the road jet on the body, clothing, and drive parts of the bicycle. Dirt on bicycle parts accelerates the bicycle's depreciation, so it is advisable to take preventive action, such as placement bicycle fenders.

Once you have decided to put on your bicycle, the question is what fenders to choose. There are different options in this respect, depending on what type of bicycle you have. However, if your bike is mountainous, your choice narrows. The market has different models from which you can choose the one that will suit your needs. However, if you want an exciting model that will protect you from misery on the road, it will give your bike even more beautiful and unique look, so you are in the right place and you have found one of the most exciting models for MTB Bikes on the market at the moment. Choosing MAKTEH Fenders means you really love your bicycle. Our fenders give the bicycles color, style and finesse. Why mount something боринг on your bicycle once you can put a MAKTEH and enjoy the great choice every time you look at your bike.

VELORAPTOR Bicycle Fenders

VELORAPTOR can be placed on bicycles with different wheel sizes from 24 "to 29". The front fender can be mounted in two ways: high in the steering tube, this being the preferred way of mounting and thus the bicycle acquires visual accents from the enduro motors. The second type of mounting is close to the tire and thus protects even more than all unwanted dirt. We personally prefer and recommend the first type of fitting, but this does not restrict you in any way protecting your Bike and preferring the second option.

For Variant 2 of the VELORAPTOR bicycle fenders, the Z-plate is mounted with bolt and nut centrally for the arc of the suspension. It is very easy! For 1st type of mounting and for mounting the rear fender, we provide detailed instructions that can be found in the purchased kit or on our website in the assembly instructions section.

Once you've ridden with these fenders, you will never look at others.

Velodorator are hand-made bicycle fenders with carbon-like details on them. They are currently available in 3 versions:

- Yellow with black carbon

-Black with black carbon

- Green with black carbon

Other color options are being considered in the future.

The best fenders are stiff enough to hold their shape, long enough to prevent front wheel spray from reaching your feet and drivetrain, and have rolled edges that keep the water inside, so it doesn’t drip  onto your feet. The VELORAPTOR plastic fenders Compass sells meet all these requirements, plus they are beautiful.

 With VELORAPTOR Bicycle fenders, it does not matter what the width of your tires is. They even fit the Fat Tire Bike. Besides, you do not have to make any further reconstructions on your bicycle so you can mount them.

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Have a nice ride, friends!

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