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Front Hook Hanger for Xiaomi M365 Pro Scooter by MAKTEH

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Front hook hanger for Xiaomi M365 Pro / M365 / M187 / TURBO X, designed by MakTeh. Features: 

The front hook hanger is made of PETG material which is hard-wearing and has good impact strength and durability. 

No need for additional openings, installation is simpler.Unscrew the two screws on the handlebar, insert the hook so that they fit the holes in the hook with the holes in the handlebar from where you unscrew the screws, then insert the screws into the holes of the hook and screw them back on the handlebar.

Colors: Red,White,Black.

We have repeatedly tested the endurance of 70kg.

WE RECOMMEND Max bearing weight: 35kg.

The front hook hanger owns a fashion appearance, it is durable and practical.

This part is 3D Printed. 

 Packing list:

- Front Hook Hanger - 1pcs.